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Bran – Rasnov Tour


Rasnov fortress was built in 1331, along with the city with the same name. The fortress was often confused with the city, because of the same name and so various names was created: Rosarum (1388), Rosenaw (1413), Rosnyo (1585).
Along with Prejmer and Harman fortified churches the Rasnov stone keep was attacked for over 1500 time and was never conquered. In the Tartar invasion of the 1335 year…

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Bran – Poiana Brasov Tour


In 1462, the vallachian ruler Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula) was arrested by the austro-hungarian emperor Matei Corvin because an alleged treason with the help of Mahomed the second, the emperor of the Ottoman Empire.
In a letter sent by the saxons from Brasov city to the emperor Matei Corvin was written that Vlad Tepes and Mahomed the second have promised to each other peace, but …

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Saxon fortified churches of Transylvania Tour


Located at the crossroads of tartar and turkish invasions, Harman Saxon fortified church dates from the 13th century and is taken by the Theuton Knights in 1211 – 1225.
Same as Prejmer and Rasnov fortified churches, she was attacked multiple times, but it was never conquered. The fortified walls lost their military importance starting from 18 century, but they was not abbandoned, but…

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Sibiu – Balea Lake Tour


Surprising, the historical center of the medieval city Sibiu has succeded to preserve almost entirely it’s original features.It’s foundation is linked to the saxon colonization in Transylvania, the city being built on a daco-roman settlement. In 1191, the city was known as Cibinum, but with the annexation of Transylvania to the Austro – Hungarian Empire, the city name was changed to Hermannstadt.

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Peles Palace – Dracula’s Tomb Day Tour


In 1866 the prince Carol of the Hohenzollern – Sigmaringen arrives to Romania to claim the throne. He choses Sinaia to build the royal residence. Today the summer residence of the royal family, Peles Castle is considered to be the most beautiful from Europe. It was the first castle with elevator and own heating and warm water system from the north-eastern Europe.

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