Day tour to Salt Mine & Peles Palace

Day tour to Salt Mine & Peles Palace

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Day tour to Salt Mine Slanic Prahova & Peles Palace

Slănic Prahova


The salt mine Slănic Prahova is part of a massive mountain of 6 km, that was formed millions of years ago, the area being at the time the bottom of a sea. The exploitation of the salt began from the time of the Roman Empire. The quantity of salt is so high that it was estimated by the experts to be eligible for exploitation for another thousand years, from now on. The modern beginnings of the mine are tied to the noble Mihail Cantacuzino that, after the acquisition of the Slănic domain initiated the first exploitation of the salt mine, between 1689-1691. The mine Slănic Prahova was also exploited by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The work in the mine was hard and exhausting, often times the miners sacrificing their life. The tools used were rudimentary, preponderantly from hardwood, the iron not being practical enough because it would roast too fast. The chambers accessible to the public are enormous, 100 meters high and 200 meters width. The interior of the mine is colossal, imposing, fascinating and attractive, not only for a large number of tourists, but also for sick people, especially those with respiratory diseases. The mine is very similar to a museum, an incredibly impressive museum, never seen before.

Peles Palace


It’s over-the-top opulent with 160 rooms, a lot of them with different themes, like the Turkish and Moorish salons, rooms designed in Baroque and Rococo. Amazingly carved and inlaid wood floors, panels, and ceilings, statues, paintings, armor and weapons, luxurious furniture, leaded glass windows. From the outside, the castle looks like a really nice hunting lodge with statues and fountains on the grounds, and an elegant clock tower. It’s located on a hill surrounded by rich forests and the towering peaks of the Carpathians. The Peles Castle is considered the most beautiful castle in Romania, the first attraction of our country, and amongst the most beautiful castles in the world. Something unforgettable! After visiting Peles Palace, nothing is the same … In order to enjoy our beauties, we recommend that this castle be visited last!


Departure and return: Brasov

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• 1, 2 persons – 100 euros/group

• 3, 6 persons – 40 euros/person

• +6 persons – 35 euros/person

• +20 persons or more – negotiable

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• Transport by modern car/minivan

• English speaking tour guide

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• Lunch and Entrance fees at Museums

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