Complex Dracula's Day Tour

Complex Dracula's Day Tour

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Day Tour to Capital of Valahia, Targoviste Citadel (Chindia Tower) & The Real Dracula’s Castle

Targoviste Citadel (Chindia tower)


Mentioned in that time’s papers, ever since 1427, it is presumed that the citadel was built around 1396, when there already existed strong fortifications. For a long time Târgoviște was declared the capital of Țara Românească (Valahia). The royal court in Târgoviște is also temporary attested, even from the period during Mircea cel Bătrân’s reign, the grandfather of the future ruler of Valahia, the renowned Vlad Țepeș (famous under the name of Dracula). Later, during his time, Vlad Țepeș strengthens the walls and the fortifications of the citadel, builds the tower of Chindia, the majority of these constructions being preserved until today. However, the glory period of Wallachia’s kings’ citadel reached its peaks later, during the reign of the king Matei Basarab (1653), the founder of Snagov monastery, which will become the favorite place of pilgrimage for Vlad Țepeș and where he will find his place of rest in the end. During Matei Basarab’s reign the walls of the citadel were strengthened, there were built 10 new defense towers, 7 of these remaining preserved until our days. An incredible history with an attractive charm, the Targoviste Citadel is all blended with the enigmatic story of the legend of Dracula!

Poienari Fortress


It is placed on the highest cliff around Arges at 850 meters, surrounded by a spectacular landscape and, in order to get here, you will have to climb up the 1480 steps. The first documents mentioning the Poienari Fortress are from the 14th Century, when it was only a surveillance tower. In 1457 Dracula used the unfaithful landowners to rebuild it. On Easter Day he trapped them at the religious service in the church and forced them to walk to Poienari. Once there, he raised his sword toward the old fortress ruins and ordered them to repair and consolidate it in 1 week.
It’s hard to believe this can be the truth, but the legend says that the people preferred hard work instead of being impaled. Lots of them had lost their lives there as they had to climb the steep hill, but they finished the construction in 1 week, as ordered. All those alive were forgiven by Vlad Tepes because he decided they had learned their lesson. There are more legends about this place and Dracula but you’ll hear them all on this tour.


Departure and return: Brasov

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