Day Tour to Bears Sanctuary Liberty

Day Tour to Bears Sanctuary Liberty

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Day Tour to Bears Sanctuary Liberty

Unfortunately, the bears stopped coming from the mountains, in the Brasov area. In the past 6, 7 years the bears created problems with the population who lives near to the mountains, and the city officials have taken steps to remove the bears from the urban areas, or to discourage the bears to have contact with people, to continue to come on the city and eat from the garbage cans. The bears also used to kill people, and this was a major issue that the authorities have addressed.

Anyway, illegally, unauthorized people try to attract bears in various places in the forests, around Brasov, giving them food at exact hours. Tourists are invited in such unsafe, dangerous places for exaggerated prices to see some bears that are fed by man’s hand before, with a semi-wild character. But we do not encourage this experience! Today, you can see the brown bear population, but you must go to a Sanctuary made in the mountains of Piatra Craiului, from where, in a 70 wide acre space, from a safe place, you can walk and see around 100 brown bears, in the forest. This is not a Zoo, however, it is a place which was initially designed to save the bear population from all over the world.

You will be surprised, because this Sanctuary is the biggest Sanctuary made for brown bears, unique all over the world. In comparison, for example, another country that has a Sanctuary for bears, is Bulgaria, but it’s only home for about 15, 20 bears. Most of the Liberty Sanctuary bears who live here have sad stories, having been saved from Restaurants, Monasteries, Circuses, Gypsies, or other countries, including the US. Of course, at the European level, Romania (after Russia) has the largest population of brown bears, estimated to about 7000 bears!


Departure and return: Brasov

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• 1, 2 persons – 50 euros/ group

• 3, 6 persons – 20 euros/ person

• +6 persons – 15 euros/ person

• +20 persons or more – negotiable

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Availability: All year round.


• Transport by modern car/minivan

• English speaking tour guide

Not Included:

• Lunch and Entrance fee at the Sanctuary

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